about me

Hello! My name is Anni Poppen, and I've been practicing yoga since 2009. I started first by trying a class twice a week at my gym. After a year of that I realized I was hooked, and this yoga thing wasn't just a phase. So I switched up my monthly gym fees to a yoga studio!

What I love about yoga is a pretty long list, but what keeps me hooked is the humbling moments of learning my limits and the celebratory moments of discovering I can do more than I ever thought I could.

In 2015, the physical practice of yoga and I had a pretty big fall out — which has been really hard on my ability to be kind to myself. So I've switched up my intentions to focus on ahimsa. I've been vegan for a couple years, vegetarian for longer. That effort has made my compassion of all life feel complete, but compassion for myself could still use some work. So instead of taking an hiatus from blogging, I've expanded it's purpose to include the bigger sense of the word yoga.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me.namaste,