about this site

I like to travel... whether it be a week-long vacation or a simple weekend away to see friends or family. I also love checking out new yoga studios. These two things work fabulously together, hence the blog! Through the process of discovering yoga I eventually became vegetarian and then vegan — finding compassion for all living things is rewarding. So I also review vegan products also.

But here's some background to understand my thought process.

How do you pick the studio? 
It's up to the map gods. I google the address where I'm staying and then search nearby yoga studios. The closest one wins. At least, that's how I'm handling it until I exhaust those options in places I frequent.

How do you pick the class?
Again, I'm at the control of the schedule... my schedule and the studio's schedule. For instance, this weekend I'm going to my boyfriend's rugby game in Chicago. I know his game doesn't start til after 2:30pm. So I look for the closest studio and hope they offer a class that ends as close to 2:30pm as possible. They do? Bam! Bob's your uncle, I have a class to attend.

I suppose some day a studio may offer me an invite to review their place (here's hoping they're paying attention to this site!). If that ever happens, you will definitely know. I will still review it with honesty, I promise.

What do you review?

LOCATION: where is this place? was it easy to get to? how about parking?
COST: usually just the drop-in fee, I supply their website so you can find out more.
STUDIO: what is it like? big, small, colors, mood, scent, vibe.
CLASS DESCRIPTION: the studio's description of their class
INSTRUCTOR: name & their bio if I can find it
CONTACT INFO: website link to the studio

Then I'll include my own description of the class and how the experience affected me. I've come to find that I know most of the poses, but each instructor explains things just a little bit different. Because of that, I learn the pose a little bit more. I also go to these places by myself, so hopefully that empowers you to be daring and try something/somewhere new.

There you have it, I don't know what is in store for us, but here's to my experiences benefiting us both!