Sunday, September 11

be ecofluent!

It's been awhile since I did a give away, makes life not as exciting... so let's get this party started (again)!

In celebration of opening night and the end of a guitar festival at work... I'm going to do a give away from an organization founded by my boss and friend, Rebecca McBride. I'm not only a fan of Ecofluent, I'm also on the board... ok, I got a little Hair Club for Men commercial on you, sorry. But, all that to say, I obviously love what this organization stands for, and thought you would too! 
The idea behind Ecofluent is simple, yet powerful. Individual choices can create a sustainable world. We use the power of our actions (what we buy, where we donate, and how we interact with others) to create a better world. Be ecofluent.
Here's how you can win!
1. Visit Ecofluent's site and pick an item you'd like from the "buy" page 
2. 'Like' Ecofluent's facebook page
3. 'Like' No Expectation, Only Intention's facebook page
4. Leave a comment below telling us which item you'd like!

That's it! Then check back next week to see who the winner is!
Giveaway open until Sunday, September 18th at 10pm CDT

5 responses:

  1. Definitely the recycled silver pendant :) Looks awesome.

  2. I already have the silver pendant (love it!) but think I need one of those very cool t-shirts. Love the work being done by Ecofluent and will continue to support it!

  3. long sleeve "do no harm" whale, off white. :) I recognize that neck with a heart!! <3

  4. I love the red long sleeved "Do No Harm" elephant shirt!

  5. I love learning something new... & Ecofluent is new to me! Thanks for the post & give away fun.... the necklace is quite nice :)