Friday, September 23

Zion Health | Double Review

COMPANY: Zion Health
PRODUCT LINK: Ancient Clay Body Wash
COST: $14.99 online, I originally found the face wash at Common Ground Food Co-op, if you live in the Champaign-Urbana area. Although I haven't it seen it recently (nor at Strawberry Fields).  
DESCRIPTION: Kanwa clay combined with jojoba plant beads stimulates skin cells. A botanical infusion of sage, yarrow, balm mint, althea, while thyme, and chamomile rosemary releases a powerful therapeutic aroma to calm the mind and soothe the skin.

I've had acne since puberty through today (age 34). It's annoying. It wasn't til a combination of a few things that I saw a difference. And honestly, if I do only one or two of these things... the acne is back with a vengeance. 
  • I get a facial every six weeks (at Angelica's European Holistic Spa—I consider her my Champaign mom, she's absolutely wonderful).  
  • yoga obviously—stress is the biggest factor in my face exploding. so, you know, yoga calms me.
  • lots and lots of water (rule of thumb, half your body weight in oz. Ex: I'm 170 lbs, I should be drinking 85 oz of water a day). 
  • This face wash (which apparently I can use for my whole body, but I opt for just the face)
The beads add a gentle exfoliation, but I think why I like it most is it's smell. Which is exactly what the lady at the co-op said to me, "I just like the smell of it, you should try it out!" Which makes sense, I never read the website's description before. It's made to "release a powerful therapeutic aroma"—there is an instant release of scrunched shoulders and sleepy face each morning. I use it every morning, and when I'm behaving, at night (I'm a horrible night time face washer).

COMPANY: Zion Health
PRODUCT LINK: Clay Mask Magnetic Clay
COST: $13.99 online  
DESCRIPTION: This natural healing clay is a rare formulation of more than 70 minerals which contain magnetic charge pulling toxins and impurities out of the skin. The unique minerals help firm sagging tissues and restore nutrients to moisture deprived skin. These minerals are derived from bubbling desert mineral pools where nutrients are fully enriched. 

Because I couldn't replace the face wash at our local shops (go local!) when I ran out of it the first time, I went ahead and ordered it online. That is when I found the clay mask. When I go to see Angelica, she often uses a clay mask on my skin, and I just wanted something I could use on occasion at home. Or, honestly, dab onto the big zits to dry it out over night. So I went ahead and tried this stuff. It's not as aromatic as the face wash... it's clay. But it is a thick clay that actually dries up and feels like it's pulling 20 years of gloom and doom out of your pores. Ok, maybe less dramatic. But if you want to give yourself a little home spa treatment, I vote hanging your head over some steam and then putting this on. Then while it's drying, maybe picking out a fun color to paint your toes :) 

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