Wednesday, October 5

nicobella | vegan dark chocolate truffles

COMPANY: nicobella
COST: $13.50 for a 6-pack of each flavor or an assortment of all flavors, or opt for 3 boxes at $36 
DESCRIPTION: Wrapped in an elegant box that hints at their decadence, you may find it hard to share this 6-piece sampler. Each 6-piece assortment box contains: Blueberry Almond, Ginger Green Tea, Pumpkin Chai, Pure Cocoa Bliss, Sunflower Banana Butter, and Walnut Flaxseed. Made with organic and fair trade organic 70% dark chocolate. Feel good by knowing a portion of this purchase will be donated to our favorite  animal organizations [nicobella]. 

It's a good day in bloggerland when I come home to find a nicobella truffle sample box in my mail. Through the wonderful world of Facebook I found nicobella, and immediately I emailed and asked if I could review their vegan chocolates. The graphic designer in me love love loves their identity/design campaign/marketing. The no-meat/no-dairy gal in me swoons to the fact that they're vegan. The yogi in me absolutely adores the decision I made to review products that fulfill the yoga lifestyle on and off the mat. And all of those ladies find that a bite of chocolate goes a long, long way on a stressful day (or a relaxing day or a mediocre day or Thursdays... you see where I'm going with this). 

The presentation alone is amazing (I posted a picture immediately on my facebook page, I was so excited). I mean, if they put that much effort into their design... you know what they put into their product is even better. And I have to admit, it took me almost a week to sample these. It's that damn pretty in the box. Silly? Yes. But, welcome to the mind of Anni Poppen (and many graphic designers or marketing fans). But, alas, here I am today... finally biting into my nicobella vegan truffles (only half bites... so I have more for later). I know, you feel terrible for me, don't you. 

With all my gushing, you surely can tell that I love these treats, but I broke it down by each flavor for you, so you could possibly choose your own favorite to get... although I'd recommend an assortment box, because they're all melt-in-your-mouth-holy-spoiling-myself-this-is-fantastic amazing. Truth. 

Blueberry Almond: Perfect hint of blueberry with a sliver of almond on top for added crunch. I'm not a fan of blueberry (no matter how often I force blueberries on myself), but this mixture is quite perfect. 

Ginger Green Tea: I couldn't taste the green tea so much, but the ginger was refreshing (of the zesty-sweet variety, not so spicy) and not overpowering. Although I like ginger, so I may be bias. 

Pumpkin Chai: Starts with the pumpkin flavor (like a bite of pumpkin pie) and then halfway through evolves into the chai flavor. A good option for an (read: every) October day. 

Pure Cocoa Bliss: Simple and almost too plain after trying the others, but in no way does it taste bad. Still decadent and truffle-licious. 

Walnut Flaxseed Crunch: The walnut is buttery while the flaxseed may be the culprit bringing the salt into this truffle... I'm not sure, but salty sweet is always a win with me. I should add, I don't like when I can taste flaxseed (especially the last loaf of bread I had, bleck!)... no flaxseed overpowering the taste buds here.

Sunflower Banana Butter: Another salty sweet winner. I taste more sunflower seed than banana, but the banana does sneak in there to soften the sunflower. 

Favorite? Um.. er.... I, uh... Today, I'd say that Pumpkin Chai was a nice choice, but I may have to go with the Walnut Flaxseed for giving me sweet and savory in one little bite. 

Thank you SO much Nichole, for pampering me with the opportunity to review your chocolate. I will be requesting our local shops start carrying you as quickly as possible, but until then I know I have your website (nicobella). 


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