Wednesday, October 26

Tasty Bite Giveaway!

It's my birthday week, let's do a giveaway!!!!

So... as I was rushing to sit down and enjoy some lunch last week, it occurred to me that I depend on Tasty Bite for my need-something-fast, non-dairy, vegetarian, all-natural, insanely yummy moments (which is a daily thing these days). If you haven't had one of their sauces, rices, entrees, or meal packets... maybe now is the time. And if you have... hello, sign me up! Oh wait, I can't. But YOU can!!

Here's what the very kind folks at Tasty Bite are offering up for you (all vegan, btw):
Good Korma
Satay Partay
Thai Lime
Garlic Brown
Bombay Potatoes
Punjab Eggplant
Channa Masala
Bangkok Beans
Meal Inspirations:
Barley Medley
Zesty Lentils and Peas
Chunky Chickpeas 
And they'll include some recipe cards, a t-shirt (we'll get the correct size from you when you win... S-XL), a Tasty Bite hat, and bangle bracelets. TOO FUN! 

Here's how you can win!
1. Visit Tasty Bite's site and check out all they have to offer 
2. 'Like' Tasty Bite's facebook page
3. 'Like' No Expectation, Only Intention's facebook page
4. Leave a comment below telling us what you're most excited to try

That's it! Then check back next week to see who the winner is!
Giveaway open until Monday, October 31st at 10pm CDT
[don't worry—I'm opting for treat over trick this Halloween]

6 responses:

  1. Our local stores only sell a handful of Tasty Bite but I love them all! They are even yummy right out of the pouch. Really excited to try the Channa Masala and everything I can't get locally.

  2. Vegan + easy prep = happiness

  3. As a poor grad student, I appreciate the value of free food :P They all sound sooo good. I'd really like to try the rices though. Thai lime rice? Yes please.

  4. I have never had them and would love to try them and share them with my veg son. Also, I am starting an animal organization at my college and may get more to give out as samples so that others will see that going veg is tasty!! :)

  5. Thank you for entering the giveaway & visiting the sites! You mentioned you are starting an animal organization... you may want to check out my new adventure at—I'm offering up free marketing to 11 NFPs over the next year.

    Thanks again—for all your efforts!

  6. I love the lentils and peas and Chunky chickpeas but am anxious to try others. A perfect lunch for work! mlj