Thursday, December 22

Invoke | Indianapolis, IN

Whaaaaaaaat? A studio review? Well, it's about time, right?! With a sick kitten at home, I'm not traveling at all for some time. But I can manage a sleepover here and there, and this was to Indianapolis to see a friend for her birthday. And not just any birthday—my friend is the oldest in a set of triplets. I got to check out a yoga class with two of the birthday siblings. I am one lucky girl! 

LOCATION: This is at the satellite location for Invoke, in Indianapolis. Easy to find because I was with a local. The space was in a business district sort of setting—read: lines of one level brick buildings with entrances side-by-side. The sign for the building was at the entrance of the parking lot, like most business district signs, but a sign on the road is always welcomed when searching for a studio. 
COST: $12 for the drop-in fee, that I charged. They have a special for $55/mo for unlimited yoga right now—that's an amazing deal. 
STUDIO:  It was a small room in the back of what seemed to be other business offices, not quite sure. The lights were dimmed low. Mirrors along the entire front of the room. The room temperature was warm, but not as hot as a bikram style. Props were provided. Room was full with maybe 15 people in there. 
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Heated Vinyasa Yoga—the same amazing flow style yoga class with the added detoxifying and calorie burning benefits of a heated studio. Please be prepared to sweat and remember to hydrate before and after class. 
INSTRUCTOR: Marjan Akhavan began her yoga practice as a time-out from a hectic career in wedding planning. After a couple of years of casually attending local yoga classes while looking for some relaxation and self-enrichment, Marjan found she not only loved the physical challenges that could be found in yoga, but the mental focus, peace and happiness that came with learning to be mindful and present. Carrying these lessons off the mat, yoga became not only an in-class practice but a lifestyle for Marjan. Graduating in 2009, she has her 200-hr certification from Internationally recognized Yogaworks—studying under Carmen Fitzgibbon, where she was trained in a broad range of style with a particularly strong emphasis on alignment. She approaches her classes as an opportunity to help others grow their personal practice by offering classes grounded in form/alignment, breathwork and developing a personal sense of self-awareness on and off the mat. Marjan tries to maintain a clss that encompasses both challenges and relaxation leaving you feeling refreshed and hopefully a little more grounded in your day-to-day life. 

It was great to be in a new class again, I haven't had the opportunity (for an actual yoga class) since Chicago at I.D. gym. I should preface everything with—I'm exhausted, I've been working non-stop since the launch of NEOI. This is all for the greater good, but I was worried I'd fall asleep the second we laid flat on our mats. My attention to detail was definitely lacking, so I will keep that in mind while I review. My cohorts weren't overally impressed, one preferred hot yoga (at the same studio I reviewed in Broad Ripple) and the other one thought things were moving along too quickly. This was a great reminder that we all experience classes differently, and I can never really tell you classes you will like or not like. I can only tell you my experience and some hard facts that will make finding the location less intimidating and have you better prepared for what will come (as far as cost, payment, locating).

I actually enjoyed the fact that Marjan did challenge different muscles than my home instructors do. We did a lot of holding plank halfway down, and pushing back up again. This is actually the location on my arms I've been focusing on because I've learned that my muscles only work in one direction, which is really funny to me... because it never occurred to me that would even happen. She did mention hip location here and there, and foot placement. But overall, there wasn't much attention to how to get into a pose, I'd say this was leaning more on the side of a flow pace. I also did enjoy the temperature being set a little warmer—the extra sweat feels good. I don't like the lights being dimmed so low. It makes balancing poses too challenging (for me) because it's harder to focus on your drishti. Another personal preference is to not have mirrors in the studio. Instead of looking at my alignment, I end up seeing my ass. I know, this is a distraction I should welcome as a lesson in focus and being secure in my body image. But, I was pooped, and not wanting to notice my imperfections (meaning insecurities, not my ass itself). So, there you have it. 

Overall, if you're near this location, I'm guessing it would make a great filler class in the week. Something tells me their main location would be better—I'll have to return to review it! 

Thanks for sharing this review with me —and being patient with my lack of posting lately (my cat, Qi, thanks you too). Namaste. *heart*

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