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Mala Imports | Amythest Mala

COMPANY: Mala Imports
PRODUCT LINK: Amythest Mala
COST: This necklace is $65, others vary (currently) at $41.50 to $154 
DESCRIPTION: They named the vibrant Amethyst jewelry after the lovely lavender flower. Lavender has long been associated with providing a calming and soothing effect. Which is perfect, as the purple Amethyst stone is believed to bring one a true sense of peace. A match made in heaven.  

Happy Halloween! I am so very grateful for the current giveaway running—it ends today at 10pm CST if you want to enter (you should, it's an amazing package including one of these gorgeous + socially responsible malas). You wouldn't believe my surprise when Mala Imports said they'd send me a mala (see this link to understand what a mala is) of my very own to review. Thank you Ashley, at Mala Imports! 

I have to start with their story—serendipity at its finest: 
We had our dream jobs but weren’t feeling fulfilled. We were busy for the sake of being busy. And our work-life balance was way off. We could feel that something was missing. So we took a leap of faith — we packed our bags and travelled as far as possible with as little as possible. A few months later we ended up on the lush and serene island of Bali. Matt surfed, I did yoga, and we both practised Tai Chi. We also fell in love with a yoga studio — the Yoga Barn in Ubud — where we found the unique rudraksha bead jewelry. The texture was different. The gemstones were mouthwatering, and their healing qualities were so inspiring. 
During our stay we couldn’t stop picking up the pieces and turning them over in our hands. One purchase turned into another, and then another. (And yes, then another!) Mid-flight from Bali to Thailand, a tall woman with dark hair sat down next to us. Her name was Soma. She was drawn to our aura and simply wanted to chat, she said. After a few minutes, she noticed Matt’s bracelet — rudraksha beads and lava for strength and clarity. Soma happened to be the maker of the jewelry. (“We love it!” we said.) We listened as she shared her story — how she is on a journey to spread the love of rudraksha jewelry as the beads are believed to bring peace. 
Now, we’re feeling more fulfilled then ever, helping Soma on her journey, and creating our own in the process. We agree with Soma: The rudraksha beads are a symbol of compassion for humanity — a reminder of a higher consciousness within. We know you’ll love them as much as we do. 
Ashley & Matt, owners of Mala Imports
You love them already, right? And emailing back + forth with Ashley, she couldn't stop emphasizing the importance of the message the jewelry conveys. It shows just how much this business of theirs means to improving the world. And before I get into the actual jewelry, I'd be remissed if I didn't share with you how Mala Imports gives back:
We love making people feel great. And there’s nothing better than the feeling of helping others. It’s engrained in our every step — from the Malas being handmade in Bali, to you purchasing the rudraksha bead jewelry from your favourite store. The creation process in Bali provides numerous jobs for locals — from the planting of the rudraksha trees, to the harvesting stage. And the best part is that it’s all fair trade. Even better — all the employees are benefit from profit sharing of world wide sales! In addition, support is given to the high priests in Bali, Indonesia who often perform their ceremonies for free. 
We’re also very proud to donate a portion of our profits to a non-profit birthing and wellness center in Bali called Bemi Sehat. The center is run by Robin Lim — the recent winner of the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year award
Mala Imports is also conscious in donating to and attending events where we can give back. We donate to organizations like Karma Teachers, who offer free yoga to those on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side to promote the act of selfless giving, and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization, which offers mentoring to youth. 
We also love sharing sharing the goals of inspiring organizations like Girlvana – which is working to promote female empowerment and consciousness in young women through yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle. 
It makes us feel pretty great. And we think you should experience the love, too!
I know! With that much good mojo in their efforts you know the mala is oozing in it too. So, let's talk about this mala I have hanging from my neck. I'm not sure if Ashley was intentional in choosing Amythest for me—but it sure does seem appropriate for my current state:
Gives one stability, strength, inspiration, and a true sense of peace. Enhances immune system and is a blood purifier—good for stomach and liver. Strengthens spiritual power. 
Presentation: A+
The mala comes in a little silk organza pull-string bag  with the logo printed on the front. Inside is your mala with a card explaining Rudraksha beads and which gemstone you have. Also included is a card describing the healing aspects of the gemstones.

The necklace itself is strung by cotton string (purple for mine, to match the amethyst)—which is strong, my other mala I'm always worried I'm going to break. Along with the Rudraksha beads and amythest stones is a tiny, tiny charm with the Om symbol on one side and Soma's signature on the other. Oddly enough, that little charm may be my favorite part.

What are Rudraksha beads?
Rudraksha. Say it with us: “Rud-ruck-sha” 
Often referred to as beads, rudrakshas are actually seeds that grow inside of what looks like a blueberry.
Ours beads are sustainably harvested, fairly traded, and ethically produced. 
The name rudraksha stems from Hindu mythology and means “the eyes of Shiva.” It’s believed that the god meditated on the welfare of mankind and that he emerged crying tears of compassion. The tears, upon hitting the Earth, crystallized to form the trees that grow rudrakshas. 
The beads vary in size, from 3 mm to 40 mm, with the smaller beads being the rarest. The beads have a very long life and are sometimes known to last up to eight generations. Each bead has a number of facets or serration’s on the face, which are called mukhis and or mukhas. The rudraksha bead we mainly use is five mukhis, which is the bead that represents lord Shiva, and is the most commonly sought after bead. 
Rudraksha beads contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Medicinally, they are known to heal the mind and body ailments, reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure. They are also believed to increase clarity and general awareness, calm the central nervous system, help quiet the mind, and free negative thought. In addition, they are known to be cooling when worn against the skin, and increase energy and stamina while providing rejuvenating qualities. 
We believe that anyone can benefit from wearing them.
So... are you thinking, "Is that just a rosary?" Or is it ok for me to wear that even though I'm [insert religious belief here]?
The English word "rosary" may have come from the Sanskrit japa mala. When Roman explorers came into India and encountered the mala, they heard jap mala, and jap for the Romans meant "rose." Thus when the mala was carried back to the Roman Empire as rosarium, and into English as "rosary." [source]
To me, honestly, prayer beads are prayer beads—and as I continue to not identify my spirituality and question my own issues, I've found that praying to myself—encouraging, promising, questioning, seeking, loving, fearing—is where I find peace. I don't know what happens after I die, but I do know that my actions now mean something, and to honor myself so I can be the best person available to others is reason enough to chant a couple or hundred mantras to my soul.

OK, now off you go, enter that contest, you only have about nine hours left—and there are over 10 ways to enter! Thank you for walking through this review with me, if you have any questions for Mala Imports or me—don't hesitate to ask!


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  1. Rudraksha beads have been used since ages for various benefits.The powers radiated by Karya Siddha mala is due to multiple effects from the different face / mukhi rudraksha bead combinations aligned in the mala.
    Benefit of Rudraksha