Sunday, March 17

Black Mountain Yoga | Black Mountain, NC

Finally! Finally am I reviewing a new studio again (or actually reviewing myself in a new studio)! Finally am I back on the mat! Finally am I on vacation! Finally!

LOCATION: Waze is my go to for GPS, and it worked like a charm even in the mountains. This location is in the super cute downtown area of Black Mountain, NC. Easy to find—especially with a group of people doing taiji in the front lawn on this beautiful day. Free parking.  
STUDIO: Small, clean, and organized. The studio entry has a front desk for check-in, some cubbies to leave your stuff, and a little wall of merch with nice yoga apparel on sale. Once you check in you can walk through the studio to change in the dressing room on the other side or use the bathroom on the opposite side also. Free props are provided on that same wall across the room. The practice space itself had nice natural lights from windows higher up (this is nice for those of us who are easily distracted by things happening outside). $12 drop-in, credit cards accepted.
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Yoga for Everyone | All Levels | 60 min: Yoga for Everyone is a class tailored to the students in the class with fun, challenging and non-harmful edges by offering personalized modifications. Each class opens with breath work and a flow practice followed by a series of consistently flowing poses designed to support the pinnacle pose of the day ending with a floor poses and a deep savasana. This class is open to ALL levels and beginners are welcome.
INSTRUCTOR: Heather Wallace received her 200-hr yoga training in Subtle Yoga®, which emphasizes breath and body. Heather, RYT, is a certified yoga teacher and Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor. Heather is committed to helping people fall in love—with their selves! Her driving goal in all endeavors is to help people realize how amazing and beautiful they are. Heather recognizes that movement is a powerful healing tool for the body, mind, and spirit—and therefore receives great pleasure in sharing her love of movement, through yoga and dance, with others. 
CONTACT: Black Mountain Yoga

I chose a lot of gentle classes this vacation for a couple of reasons. One, I would have my partner with me, so I was opting for beginner classes and also looking for ways for us to relax after a very stressful couple of months for us in our careers. Two, because I knew we'd be hiking a lot, and I wanted to balance that out with some calming poses for our bodies. But this morning we went ziplining at Wildwater—so some calming of the nerves was definitely needed for this girl!

We started on our backs with twists. Here we would actually start in the twist and roll out of it dynamically to open up the joints and then twist on the other side. This was a beautiful way to warm up the body. We moved into table top position where we did some balancing poses that worked the core, and then a few standing poses before getting back to seated and ending with savasana. Oh savasana—my partner has a tendency to fall asleep the second the eye pillow is placed. This class was no exception. As I relaxed into savasana I heard someone doing what I thought was cleansing breaths... until I realized it was Jafe. Uh oh. Normally I would take this as a challenge to focus beyond outside noises, and honestly, I tried that, but when he worked up into a full on snore that was so loud he woke himself up it took all my focus to not giggle. Once we were instructed to roll to our sides, Jafe and I happened to be facing one another. He looked at me and mouthed "was I snoring?" Oh how I wanted to giggle even more. No baby, I'm quite sure you were inhaling the entire building. We joked about it after class, but what was a great lesson here was watching him gracefully let it go. He felt bad for a second, but we were on vacation and there were other things to explore... fully rested.

There were no adjustments from Heather, only basic verbal queues. This class was pretty straight forward, so it didn't seem like adjustments were necessary. I'd highly recommend it for first timers of any age. Thank you Black Mountain Yoga and Heather, for a lovely introduction to the area's yoga!


Check-in and Merch

Inside Studio Looking towards Check-in

Cubbies for Schtuff

Dressing Area in the Back

Studio Looking towards Instructor

Bathroom/Dressing Room through Curtains + Props

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