Friday, June 7

JP Centre Yoga | Boston, MA

After a really intense + inspiring conference at Dartmouth College (where there were absolutely no yoga studios in walking distance... sigh), I was able to catch a class in Boston the night before I flew back home!

LOCATION: A friend of mine lives in Jamaica Plains, so she drove me to the right spot. Street parking was packed near the studio, but down the road there were plenty of spots available. It was in the evening, so the meters weren't charging.
STUDIO: I think the studio is new—because there was absolutely no signage. Once inside the building still no signage, but a little sign near the stairs pointing upwards. On the top/third level is the studio. Great entrance, great lounge area, cute little changing rooms, large/bright practice spaces, and a sweet kitchen in the back with water and hot tea. They take credit cards. Mats are rented at $3 each. 
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Deep Stretch: This class is designed to stretch the muscle and fascial tissue with the aim of improving circulation and range of motion within the joints. Beginning with stretches to warm the body, the class will progress into a series of postures that stretch the hips, back, neck/shoulders, chest and legs. More attention will be placed on muscular release than on strength building.
INSTRUCTOR: Brenna Matthews has always had the understanding that everything is connected. When she started practicing asana and meditation regularly, she felt herself truly wake up physically and mentally. She teaches because she wants the world to be a more loving place and thinks it can start by more people looking within. She is ever grateful for the many teachers she has had throughout this journey, most significantly Ame Wren, Schuyler Grant, and her rescue dog Fey who has shown her the meaning of trust and unconditional love.
CONTACT: JP Centre Yoga

Though it was difficult to find with it's lack of signage—once inside—this space and the people working there are so nice! I love the simple yet urban way the space was designed. The layout is roomy and refreshing. The class was exactly what I needed after my week of travel and still a couple flights ahead of me.

Brenna described the class as a sort of yin style of yoga—where we would hold the poses for longer to get the deeper stretch. We barely left our mats short of one downward dog, and just soothingly moved from pose to pose. Brenna style of teaching was gentle with a few details to get us in the stretch. Often there was a gentle reminder to adjust and get further into the pose.

It really was rejuvenating class that was well overdue for this girl. My only complaint was I couldn't hear Brenna at certain points, so I would recommend sitting closer to the front of her class. So grateful for this evening of yoga.

Community board in the foyer was where you kick off your shoes
Love the huge orange door to the lounge

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