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Green Locus | Tampa, FL

It's been well over a year since I've taken a flow class, and I thought it was about time to get my lazy arse back to it.  

LOCATION: Today I learned there was an upstairs to those charming strip malls set up to look like village squares. Getting to the area was easy, but understanding where the studio was located was a bit more of a challenge. I knew the address number, but couldn't find it anywhere and then I caught glimpse a little sign that stated the studio was upstairs. Parking was free, but limited. I did happen to find parking behind the buildings too. There is an elevator that takes you up stairs and then you follow signs to a long hallway of nothing, but keep an eye on the doors and you'll find Green Locus at the end just fine.    
STUDIO: This small studio is clean, simple, and organized with an entrance for check-in and dropping off your belongings. Then another door takes you into the classroom that has props and mats, a wall of windows, and a bright + airy feeling. $15 drop-in, cash or card.  
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Flow classes focus on a smooth transition of yoga poses connecting the movement with the breath. There is constant movement in these classes for individual looking for more fluid asanas.
INSTRUCTOR: Kerry is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ayurveda Therapy through the Yoga Energy Studio in St. Petersburg, FL. I am also certified to teach the Barkan Method Advanced Hot Vinyasa series as well as Missy White's Hot 108 series.
CONTACT: Green Locus

This will be my second occurrence of trying to "break in" to a yoga studio...Your graceful yoga reviewer, here for your entertainment. So, as you read above, I had some difficulty realizing the studio was upstairs, but once I parked in the back I saw a stairwell and set off to getting to the second level. At this point I'm already running late, so I was glad I parked so close to a stairwell. Until I got to the top, where there was a keypad to get in. What? Ok, I go running back down the stairs looking for another entrance. What's with me not being able to find entrances?! I'm calling it "breaking in" so it's a bit more dramatic and less idiotic—but let's call a spade a spade. Maybe this is why I enjoy doing environmental design so much—because if I create the signage for others, everyone will be able to see it!

Walking back to the store front area I looked around for another stairwell, but no luck. Then I realized I walked pass some mailboxes so I went back that direction when an elevator caught my attention (in my defense, it was hidden by a huge brick pillar—seriously, I'm not as flakey as I'm making myself out to be, am I?). I'm supplying pictures of my trek to the space below so you have visuals, but I'm guessing that will be unnecessary as you probably are capable of finding entrances and reading signs :) 

Once I walked down the bare hallway to the studio space, there was no one at the front desk (note: complete access to everyone's belongings hanging out there, so take your stuff with you into the classroom). I stood there not sure what to do and quickly getting disappointed that I was going to miss this class. I could hear instructor in the other room, but for some reason I just couldn't walk in—not on my first visit to the studio. I snapped a couple pics to sadly share with you all and quietly shut the door behind me—but a regular was showing up late (hooray!). I asked her if it was okay to just walk in, since I was new... she kindly fumbled through some response I took to be as yes. Then I couldn't find a yoga mat, and she let me know they were inside (thank you, kind lady!). So, just like my first class in Florida, I sheepishly followed her into the class room. I'm a dork. 

No idea how Kerry started the class, but I got there during some cat/cow stretches. We followed that up with a few seated twists and then immediately went into flow sequences. I have a love-hate relationship with flow because you just move from pose to pose with little time to sink into each posture properly (for me at least, I'm slow in aligning myself into the pose). At the same time, my heat kicks in fast and I'm sweating like crazy. In fact, it appears some instructors get concerned around me, but I think I just have years of toxins in me from my pre-vegan lifestyle. That shit has to come out! And I'm so grateful it does. 

The room was on the warm side, and I wondered if I found myself in another heated yoga studio (which I don't enjoy), but after talking to Kerry after class she said she didn't think we'd need the AC until we were halfway through class. Apparently we got the room up to 85°F on our own. Go us! I do think if I start to work flow back into my regular schedule I will invest in a yoga towel mat to layer over my current mat, because I sweat so much it drips and I start to slip all over the place. It's dangerous. 

Kerry didn't walk around adjusting us—oh! I almost forgot, at the check-in desk they have cards out for students to place near their mats. I thought this was genius. They simply said "no adjusting," which is such a respectful way to handle this for all parties. The student doesn't have to feel awkward requesting to not be touched mid-adjustment, the teacher won't find him/herself in the middle of making a situation tense instead of the intention of nurturing, and the studio makes everyone happy. I love it. I will never need it, as I adore being adjusted... but I love the way of making everyone feeling safe in their own preferred spaces. Anyway! Kerry didn't walk around adjusting us—which may not happen much during flow classes, now that I think of it, because we're moving so much. She did, however, give excellent verbal cues every second of the way. Kerry also offered up lots of variations for the vast levels in the classroom (and that was just with five students). It was cool to see a couple students going into some great arm balances why I happily held my triangle pose (trikonasana). 

We ended in savasana, came back to sitting and chanting a single om, and went on our way. I think this would be a great introduction to flow for all levels—I do still encourage beginners taking a first class ever to go to a beginner's class or gentle class to spend a little more time in the poses, but if you're a sweat junkie who can't wait... this would be the instructor for you! 

Thank you for a lovely intro back into flow, Kerry!

Here's a little visual walk through of how to get to the studio—for us sign-reading impaired ;)  

see, the elevator is tucked back + blocked by a beam. I didn't have a chance!
This is the door that is a little confusing... do you go in? Yes!
And if you need a bathroom, it's to the left once you walk in.
Loooooong hallway of mystery :)
check-in (those "no adjusting cards" are on the left with a green circle)

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  1. Thank you for your review of our studio! Yes being on the second floor is a challenge, we constantly try to find ways to let people know where we are. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! What a great space and instruction... and I think the second floor challenge is one part me just not seeing signs and one part the mall needing louder signage. There's only so much a mall can do to not favor one location over another, so I think you're doing great :)

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