Friday, May 4

Centre of Elgin | Elgin, IL

After a little research (oh yeah, reading their website may answer these questions, der), I realized that the Centre of Elgin was open to the public for drop-in classes (resident or not). So I clicked on their schedule a found a class that wouldn't interfere with volunteering at Elgin's Green Expo (NEOI's second collaboration) this weekend.  

LOCATION: I was born in Elgin, so it was quite easy for me to find. But even with quick directions, the Centre is on major roads and is a big beautiful building that is easy to find. Parking in Elgin is free (sweet!), so I parked in the parking garage across the street. On entering this beautiful building I spoke with the front desk to check in/pay and she gave me directions to the classroom. I wasn't paying close enough attention, so I found myself wondering which room I was suppose to set up in. Luckily a couple of ladies walked by with yoga mats, so I fell into line and followed them into the room. 
COST: For non-residents it is $8 for the drop-in fee, $7 for residents. They accept cards and cash. 
STUDIO:  They do have us in the "spin studio," so surrounding the room is all the bicycles. Which didn't get in the way, but often in classes we use the walls, and that wasn't an option for this class. It did help for balancing poses, you could just stand near a bike. There was a wall of windows overlooking the front of the Centre that brought in nice light, and the room were insulated well as I couldn't hear anything happening anywhere else. There wasn't a class next door, so I couldn't completely test it, but with an aquatic center nearby, vending machines outside the room, and the weight lifting down the hallway... I felt like it was tested well enough. This also offered a new formation in the classroom, everyone put their mats in a circle, the instructor included (which was easy to do with 10 people in the room).  
CLASS DESCRIPTION: There's a generic description for all the yoga classes: All levels! Reduce stress via deep breathing; increase strength, flexibility, and balance via structured poses... healing the body, mind, and spirit. The instructor, Danae, mentioned she teaches hatha
INSTRUCTOR: Danae Molitor—Having mastered almost every format in the Group Fitness genre, couple with over 20 years of teaching experience, Danae can be your go-to person for just about anything in the field of fitness. Don't let the pretty smile and warm demeanor confuse you. She can be quite the drill sergeant when it comes to upper body, lower body, and core work!

Maybe not the best description for your yoga instructor—especially if this is your first time visiting her class. With a little more research I found this bio on a different site: Danae began her journey to become a yoga teacher when she realized how much yoga helped her find balance in her life—physically, mentally, and spiritually—and wanted to share it with others. She has also been teaching Pilates for nine years and integrates core strengthening poses to enhance and support your yoga practice. All fitness levels are welcome and poses are modified to fit the needs of her students. Feel encouraged and supported as you connect with your mind, body, and spirit. 
CONTACT: Centre of Elgin

This is a fantastic introduction to yoga, while still adding a bit of challenge. Danae talks you through the entire class, starting you off slow with movement stretches—breathing and moving in and out of the stretch then landing in the stretch and holding for a bit. Once on our feet we moved into some standing poses—parsvottanasana (intense side stretch), utthita trikonasana (triangle), and parivrtta trikonasana (revolved triangle), and then she did a series (three times—I remember, because I was pooped by the end of the first one, lol) working from utkatasana (chair pose) to virabhadrasana I (warrior one) to virabhadrasana III (warrior three)—which worked our core nicely. We eventually made it down to the mat for so static stretching, as Danae called it, and then a nice sivasana. I would like to have seen a couple of warm up sun salutations, since that is so integral to traditional yoga, but a nice intro to yoga regardless that had me break a sweat, so I'm a fan! 

Thanks for sharing your yoga with me this beautiful Friday morning, Danae, namaste! 

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