Tuesday, December 1

Petit Vour | October's Monthly Vegan Beauty Box

COMPANY: Petit Vour
PRODUCT: Monthly Vegan Beauty Box
COST: $15/mo (or amazing birthday gift from my friend, Jessica)
DESCRIPTION: Catering to beauty devotees interested in living a more compassionate lifestyle, Petit Vour delivers fresh beauty products - culled from beauty’s kindest - right to your doorstep each month. Inside your box, you’ll find a range of chic vegan beauty products for you to apply, blend, buff, lather, soak and spray. 

» URSA MAJOR OF VT, Fantastic Face Wash «
A foaming gel cleanser with a natural brightening complex, this everyday essential is made with a spirited fusion of premium, whole essential oils including cedar, spearmint, lime, lemon, rosemary, black spruce, owyhee, vetiver, and lavender. Face wash has never smelled so good!  

They aren't lying — this smells amazing! And after using it for over a month now, I can honestly say this will officially replace my face wash for good! It suds up just a little, and instructions say if you leave it on for 30-60 seconds after you massage it in, you'll get extra hit of exfoliation. I don't know if that's true, but it makes me feel all spa-like, so I let it sit while I brush my teeth. For reference of my skin type — overall it's more on the oily side with dry patches during seasonal weather shifts. I am prone to horrible acne, and my skin has been pretty clear since I started using it.

» HABIT COSMETICS, Nail Polish «
Habit gives you the gorgeous color you crave and strengthens your nails (that's the Myrrh extract at work), all without the harmful chemicals found in other brands. 

The color they sent me is a sparkly gold/sand color, called Disco. Love the name, I mean, if nail polish doesn't have a great name it's not worth contemplating, right? I feel like it's out of season for my taste, but I also think it will make an excellent color for sun-kissed skin. That being said, I tested it on my nails to see how it went on. Applies great, and because I'm lazy, I also learned it lasts long because I didn't remove it right away. Oh, and the bottle packaging is cool too.

The delicate area around your eyes will love the gentle, soothing, and smoothing properties of this nourishing eye oil.  

This is a product (though I liked how it went on/the scent/the potential benefits of it), I won't end up making a habit of using it. I'm just too low-maintenance when it comes to any beauty regimen. So introducing new habits, like delicate area around your eye only oil, won't make it into my routine.

» ESSENCE OF VALI, Sleep—A Bedtime Ritual « 
This concentrated natural blend will ease you into a peaceful sleep and comfort you during times of stress. 

About 2-3 months ago I finally jumped on the essential oil bandwagon. After years of trying it at a friends house and reading/researching the best kinds—I knew it was worth the investment. I can say, I am more relaxed, seeing improvements as far as shorter or less frequent bouts with illness, and I just purchased an oil to help with hormone balance *fingers crossed*. 

So! When an essential oil came in my first package, I was elated! I was a little put off by the scent, it's more musty than I expected, but I'm still a big fan because it also has helped my sleep. I wouldn't recommend it in a diffuser (I think because the scent is too strong for me, not because it will ruin your diffuser), but applying it to the pulse points (inside of the elbows, wrists, and your temples) does wonders. I also enjoy rubbing it into my hands and then cupping over the nose while deeply breathing it in.

I hope this was helpful. I can't wait to get my next Petit Vour box, it's such a fun surprise (and this is an excellent gift from my friend Jessica—3 months of vegan goodness, swoon)!


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