Sunday, December 20

The New Shop

I added on a new link to my shop! But the news is way more exciting than that...

Last week I designed the slogan you see to the left. I knew I wanted to donate what little money I made to Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, but what I found out when talking to them was way more beautiful than I could have ever anticipated.

They were so excited to find out about the design, because they had just rescued their first cow. His name.... Vegan.

Perfect, right?!

So, in honor of serendipity and acts of kindness... I will be donating 100% of the proceeds I make on the Keep On Vegan On design to PEAK/Vegan until all his medical expenses are paid off.

To learn more about Vegan's story:

I hope this holiday season you find your heartwarming way to give back — and maybe consider donating directly to PEAK or treat yourself and them through my shop. *heart*


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